Travel Tuesday: Buddelschiffmuseum

Insider’s tip: here by the harbour of Neuharlingersiel you can also find the famous Buddelschiff Museum, a museum dedicated the fine art of building ship models inside an empty bottle (Low German dialect: Buddel – speak booddle).

This tradition was quite common along the German coast because of many men have been sailors on big ships. You know, sailors are known for drinking much alcohol and so have many empty bottles. One day in the past, one of the sailors came up with the idea of building a model of the ship he was working on and place it inside an empty bottle along with a symbolised ‘landscape’. The Buddelship was invented. And nowadays you can find them everywhere along the German North Sea coast.

The Buddelschiff Museum is a small private museum with about 100 different Buddelschiffen. Unfortunately, it was closed when we were there, because we visited Neuharlingersiel off-season. But, I was already in a few years ago. It’s really astonishing what a filigree work the rough sailors hands have been able to create. So, check the opening times in advance on the web. It’s worth a visit. And you can also learn, how to get the ship inside die bottle 🙂

But, at least I have the one Buddelschiff from the outside window for you 🙂

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Monochrome Madness 3-48

This is my contribution to Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole. Look at here site on Thursday (Australian time), to see many more monochrome images created by many other talented photographers from all over the world.

I’d also encourage you to participate. The conditions are  published in each of her Monochrome Madness posts.

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Travel Tuesday: more harbour

As I mentioned in my last travel Tuesday post, the harbour of Neuharlingersiel is used by shrimp fishers. It’s not a harbour for sport boats and the ferry to the offshore island Spiekeroog stays further out. You can walk by the boats. Some owners offer tours to the seal sandbanks in the sea or other road trips.

As you can see in the image, you can walk near-by the boats. In the front, a fisher uses a fence for dying his nets.

Several cafés and restaurants surrounding the harbour. So, the harbour is even the touristic center of the town.

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