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Breitach Klamm

The Breitach is here a young, small river and a Klam is a narrow and deep valley, the river goes through, a flume. This flume is very deep and the water has formed the stone in an interesting and impressive way.

We visited the Breitach Klam during our trip to the Alpes. It lasts haf a day. Even it was a nice and sunny day, it was cold in the Klamm because of the moisture in the air and on all stones. Water falls from above the Klamm and the river goes very fast.

Don’t wonder about the fancy colors at the walls. All the colors are real. I guess they come from reflecting the sky.

7 thoughts on “Breitach Klamm”

    1. yes, it is. The bright, blue sky (somewhere around noon) is reflected by the water. So, you have a very interesting light color inside the Klamm.

        1. drop me a note. maybe I can give you a few tips for interesting locations, although it’s about 800 km from my home 😦 But, I was there a few times.

          1. Thank you for that generous offer, Solaner! I’ll take you up on that when I do plan a vacation to Germany… 🙂

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