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hedgehogs are a kind of animal who sleeps during winter. Especially summer and fall are used to get fat. That’s necessary for them to survive during winter. In November they all should have fond a nice place to sleep, so I was quite surprised to see on on saturday early afternoon walking through the sun. That was so much more irritating, because hedgehogs are active at night and sleep during the day.

My kids told me, they had seen him 2 days before in the garden and now he was there again. No one has disturbed him, so fas as we know.

But, because we assumend, he’d be much too small, we gave him a bit cat food and arrested him. He was only as big as an orange and 300g in weight. That’s much too less to survive the winter.

On Monday we called the veterinarian who gave us the address of an hegdhog-mum. She got the hedgehog from us. Her diagnosis: male, malnourished and dehydrated. We were right to catch the hadgehog and bring it to her. He should have at least 800g in weight to survive the winter.

While she tries to coddle him up, we hope he will survive.

animals, photo-of-the-day, photography

migratory birds

What a spectaculum today:
At noon several crane swarms appeared at the sky. Each consits of 100 – 200 birds. They came from the North and associated themselves to build one big swarm rising higher into the sky in a big circle while drifting South-West. The whole spectaculum lasts approximatex 45 minutes and was accompanied by unmistakable birdcalls.

It was amazing!

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