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My name is Hunt, Ethan Hunt

You wonder about that title? You don’t need to.
Yesterday evening I attended the pre premier showing of the new Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise acting as Ethan Hunt. Once again he has to solve the world and, like James Bond, he certainly got it managed.
If you like the modern James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig or the Bourne series you will like this movie, too. OK, it has some logical gaps in its plot. But don’t mind.

The plot itself is kind of violent but still has some technical features like the first MI movie back in 1996. But I personally miss some of the suspense of the first one.

MI4 is a sequel to 3 other movies called Mission Impossible also featuring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. The storyline seems familiar to James Bond fans. Special effects, exploding cars and an extremly quick story. Even sometimes reminded to the 1960s cold war between the USA and the USSR, and James Bond fighting against the russian army and government, the plot here hides source of the atomic attack. A former scientists, but now terrorist, is the mastermind behind the attack. But this also reminds me to James Bonds “Golden Eye”. Only the terrorist’s idea seems different: this time they don’t want money, they want to establish neverending peace on earth by using all the worlds atombombs. Good Luck Ethan Hunt!

Over all, you get nearly 2 hours of a very fast story after it seems to begin very slow. Several special effects and some impressive views from Burj Khalifa onto the Dubaian desert.

Tomorrow, December 15th, the movie will regular start in the cinemas. If you have watched it, come back and drop me a comment on how you think about it.