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Sacré-Cœur …

… is one of the churches at top of the hill Montmatre.

When standing in front of the white basilica, the city is at your feet and you have a wonderful overview. To come here you have several opportunities.

The easiest way seem the be taking the Montmatre Bus. The next easy way is the Funiculaire, a cable railway. You can also take you way up throuth the artistian quartier. But I recommend taking the stairs at park “Louise Michel”. During you path uphill you can see this wonderful building all the time. Go slowly and enjoy the view, but be aware of the salesmen I mentioned in one of my previous posts .

The other church right next to Sacré-Cœur is St. Pierre de Montmatre, one of the oldes churches in Paris. According to wikipedia it’s founded in the 3rd century and is the location at which the vows were taken that led to the founding of the Society of Jesus.

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I’ll publish the next topic soon. Stay tuned!

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At the Montmatre Hill

You know, I was in Paris, France for some days. Our Hotel was located near Place Pigalle. That’s not far away from Montmatre. So I certainly was there. On top of the hill is not only a wonderful church, but also you find many drawers and painters.

These artists are painting their paintings mostly with acryl or oil based colors. Some are using charcoal, but I didn’t saw any crayons. Most of them paint Parisian views like Sacre Coeur, Eiffertower and so on. Others are specialized to make Continue reading “At the Montmatre Hill”

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Did I already mentioned the Parisian street musicians

No? Here they are:

You can find musicians not only in the subway (called metropolitain or metro) stations or the metro trains, but also in the streets or places where many pedestrians come to. So you can find them at tourist attractiions i.e. at the Basilica Sacre Coeur,  in front of the former kings palace Louvre (now a big and famous art museum) or at the Eiffeltower. And, certainly, in some restaurants musicians were playing piano.

I usually saw musicians playing Continue reading “Did I already mentioned the Parisian street musicians”

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The Parisian Metro

There is a metro system in Paris, able to bring you to any place of the city. Following the stairs under the ground you’ll find long tunnels with tiled walls. The tunnels are quite light and kind of clean. On some tracks you’re faced with strong cold wind. Others smell a bit strong. Many stairs are on your way down to the platforms, sometimes Continue reading “The Parisian Metro”

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I’m back …

.. from a city with a cuddle factor.

For a few days I was in Paris, France, with some friends. Lodging in a Hotel near Place Pigalle at Montmatre: Small room, tiny bath and an elevator giving room for only 2 thin people (max 225 kg) on a platform of approx. 60 cm to 60 cm.

The area around Place Pigalle is an area with many music instrument stores and souvenier shops. It’s also an area with many theatres Continue reading “I’m back …”

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ice, ice, baby

Yeah, it’s cold here. Currently we have low temperatures here. They are around -10 to -15°C for nearly two weeks now. Ok, there are regions , where this degrades would be considered as quite mild, but here the news call it “sibirian cold” reffering to the low temperatures in Sibiria.
Fortunately it’s a black cold and the last days were sunny with no wind. Dress up like an onion (several layers of cothing on top of each other). So it’s easy to stand against the cold.

Two weeks ago, when it started to become that cold, we had als icy wind, so it was quite harder to stand the cold. Because of the wind, the temperature were feeled colder than it really was.

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