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I’m back …

.. from a city with a cuddle factor.

For a few days I was in Paris, France, with some friends. Lodging in a Hotel near Place Pigalle at Montmatre: Small room, tiny bath and an elevator giving room for only 2 thin people (max 225 kg) on a platform of approx. 60 cm to 60 cm.

The area around Place Pigalle is an area with many music instrument stores and souvenier shops. It’s also an area with many theatres offering adult entertainment like cabaret, dancing, movies and other adult entertainment.

We didn’t visit any of them. We were in the city all day (and even in the evening) for taking photos. There are many impressive historic buildings to visit like Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Louvre or the Eiffeltower.

Place Pigalle ist also one entry point to Montmarte, the bohemian site of the town. Small shops, restarants, bars and bakeries as well as painters, musicians and lots of other pedestrians. Visitors of many countries walking through the narrow alleys upwards. Some alleys are so steepy, that they consits of long stairways.

Place Picalle is also an entry point to the metro, the Parisian underground. The trains come every few minutes and bring you to each place in the city. A rumor is saying, that the is no place in Paris mor than 600 meters away from a metro station. The close-meshed railroad net allows you to reach every play you wand with only few train changes. But: study the plan carefully or use an app on you mobile (if possible) to calculate the track for you.

We used special tourist ticket including all rides during out visit, but now I won’t buy it again. It’s much cheaper to buy single tickets or a bundle (carret) of 10 single tickets. OK, ther are other bonusses included in the trourist ticket, but we didn’t had a plan to profit of them (i.e. reduced entrance fees for certain museums).

Await the continuations …

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