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Did I already mentioned the Parisian street musicians

No? Here they are:

You can find musicians not only in the subway (called metropolitain or metro) stations or the metro trains, but also in the streets or places where many pedestrians come to. So you can find them at tourist attractiions i.e. at the Basilica Sacre Coeur,  in front of the former kings palace Louvre (now a big and famous art museum) or at the Eiffeltower. And, certainly, in some restaurants musicians were playing piano.

I usually saw musicians playing alone and not with bands. But I saw a musician acompained with a singer. Others were accompained by a drum machine.

Acordeon, saxophone and violine were the most common instruments. But I also noticed a contrabass, a harmonia and a guitar.

I also found mascaraded people standing in the streets or on places by the famous monuments for getting photographed by the visitors and trying to get some money that way.

But, what annoyed me most, were the souvenir sellers at the monuments trying to sell little Eiffeltower replics or luck bracelets. Or even begging for some money. These aktivities seemed to be illegal to me, because, they alway ran away in case police officers showed up. Some of the salesmen had a blanket as their shop. Over cross they had belts at their blankets to catch it at once and run away with it easily.

Will be continued soon ….

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2 thoughts on “Did I already mentioned the Parisian street musicians”

  1. The Montmartre is my favourite part of Paris. However, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong anywhere in France.
    One of my blogs is dedicated to France and my explorations here.

    Your photos are wonderful, I wish I had a modicum of your talent.


    1. Thanks, for your comment, Léa.
      I guess, this was not my last visit in Paris. I’ve seen so many places to have a deeper look on and spend more time at. And I gues I’ll visit Paris at a different time of the year, too. February was good. But I guess, it’s different, whne the trees in the parks are green

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