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At the Montmatre Hill

You know, I was in Paris, France for some days. Our Hotel was located near Place Pigalle. That’s not far away from Montmatre. So I certainly was there. On top of the hill is not only a wonderful church, but also you find many drawers and painters.

These artists are painting their paintings mostly with acryl or oil based colors. Some are using charcoal, but I didn’t saw any crayons. Most of them paint Parisian views like Sacre Coeur, Eiffertower and so on. Others are specialized to make portraits for the visitors while the visitor is sitting as the model. Not only realistic portraits are painted. Some artists create caricatures for the visitor showing the visitor. All of this happens outdoor on a quite big square. It’s really interesting  to watch the paintings and the artists creating them.

As you can see, the painters use a small table or an easel as their showroom. In the streets around the square are several galleries showing (and selling) paintings, too. If you’re also a painter, you should definitely go and have a look. There are so many different painting styles to see.

In the photo you can see umbrellas above the easels. They are for saving the paintings from sun and rain. And they are also for giving the models a softer light and to avoid harsh shadows at the models faces.

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I’ll publish the next topic soon.

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