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Visiting Marais

Yeah, it’s kind of interesting. Even it’s not as expected after reading the travel guide. The travel guide told about old city palais but we found narraw alleys with many small shops. The streets were crowed and most of the shops were open even it was a Sunday.

There were also lots of cafés, bars,

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Centre Georges Pompidou

I was really astonished, when I saw it for the first time. It houses a vast public library and the national museum.

It looks more like a modern facory producing chemical products than a house of art and knowledge. Take one or two hours to walk around the huge building and watch the pipe s

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Notre Dame de Paris

According to wikipedia it’s build from 1163 to 1345 and thus one of the oldest french gothic churches.

It’s built on a small island in the river Seine, located in the center of  Paris. The traffic flows over the bridges and in the streets along the river is giving the air a strong small of pollution.  But in the early morning hours it was quite nice to be there.

During the evening big boats with glass ceilings sailed along the river with tables inside: swiming restaurants. We tried to find  Continue reading “Notre Dame de Paris”

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Visiting a cemetry?

Are you kidding? you might ask. No, I’m not kidding. It’s somewhat interesting and it’s definitely part of a country’s culture. How do the people handle death.

There are 3 important cemetries in the inner Paris area: Cimetière Montparnasse, Cimetière Montmatre and Cimetière Père Lachaise. You can visit them and Continue reading “Visiting a cemetry?”

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over the roofs …

… of Paris.

This is the view from the restaurant in Lafayette warehouse. It’s interessing to see, how different the building style is. As you can see, many (if no nearly all) roofs are covered by metal plates, i.e. copper. In Germany, instead, most roofs are covered by roof tiles made of clay.

Also interesting is, the most houses have more than one chimney.

Don’t forget to see the previous posts and the next one published soon.

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Where’s the phantom?

I didn’t seen it. 🙂

Ok, I wasn’t at night in the opera and I’m not a soprano, even not a singer.

All jokes apart. Yes, I love the “Phantom of the opera” and I own a CD set of the original recoring in London starring Sarah Brightman as Christine for more than 20 years. I also like the movie, even I’m male.

I walked around the opera and found most of the building covered by hoardings. Only few parts were free to see.

The opera is also known as Opéra Garnier or Palais Garnier. It’s one of the Continue reading “Where’s the phantom?”

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Wanna go shoppin’?

We went to Lafayette at Boulevard Haussman not for shopping, but for watching the architecture. That Building is amazing. When you think of a warehouse, you’re definitely wrong. It’s a huge building only for women and another huge building only for men. It’s crowned by a crystal dome and the inner columns are painted with golden colors. Also the balustrades are covered with golden colors, The ceilings and the columns carrying the dome are decorated with stucco. Go and see it yourself. Photos are not able to give you an idea, how it looks.

At the fifth floor they have a restaurant. It’s quite good, and less expensive, you’d expect at that location.

Unfortunately I’m not an architecure photograph, so I don’t have a photo for you, today. But stay tuned there will come more.

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At night around Pigalle

In 1961 Bil Ramsay, a German singer born in Cincinnati, USA, had a hit about that place. Part of the lyrics is this line: “Pigalle, the biggest mouse trap at the center of Paris” (translated from Germany by me). And I found, he was true.

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