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Centre Georges Pompidou

I was really astonished, when I saw it for the first time. It houses a vast public library and the national museum.

It looks more like a modern facory producing chemical products than a house of art and knowledge. Take one or two hours to walk around the huge building and watch the pipe s

going up and down. Let your eyes follow the lines. Maybe you have some more time to enter the building and watch it from inside, too. We didn’t. The queue at the entrace was too long and the entrance fee seemed to be to high for such a short visit.

I also recommend visiting the fountain next to Centre Pompidou. It’s art. Unfortunately ther was no water in the fountain because of the cold weather in February. But I found it nice, even with no water in it (but a little bit left over from the last rain).

Stay tuned for the next post and have a look on the previos posts in the meantime.

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