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The Eiffeltower …

… is definitely the monument in Paris, you think about first, when you hear about that city. And it is true. It dominates the city and is viewable from many sites.

You can watch the tower from a distance or watch it from nearby. You can also watch it from the place located directly under it, because it is standing on four feet and leaving a big square between the feet.

The tower was build

for the world fair in 1889 and it is made of iron, and luckily not teared down after the fair ended, as many people demanded at that time. According to wikipedia it’s still the highest building in Paris.

Nowadays a worker is climbing through the tower each day, to find and remove rust and seal the iron again with a special painting to save it. It is 324m high and you can visit up to three platforms by stairs or by lift to have a great view about the city. Unfortunately the queues are very long here, too. You have to wait several hours to come up to the next level.

Stay tuned for my next post. In the meantime you can browser through the last posts about Paris to get an idea for your visit.

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5 thoughts on “The Eiffeltower …”

  1. Lovely… when I think… that’s where I was born! What am I doing now in flippin’ Chorley!

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