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Visiting Louvre Palais

You know, Louvre palace was the city palace of the former French kings (do you remeber Louis XIV, the “Sun King”).

You can’t imagine, how big this palace is. I was really impressed by its size. It’s build like an edgy horse shoe (or a rectangle with one open side). There is a large garden (now a park) at the open side: the Tuilleries. I can really understand,

why so much people were there. It’s nice.

The Louvre itself is an art museum now. One of the most important paintings in the Louvre ist the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. If you want to visit the museum, I recommend to be there as early as possible. When we got there at noon, there was a queue of estimated 150 or 200 meters at the entrance. It has 2 entrances. One entrance is on the square between the three wings of Louvre while the other one is in the underground right in the shopping mall Caroussell. This second entrance will be the first one you can see, when coming by metro. When coming from elsewhere, the main (big) glass pyramid in the atrium will be the best entrance for you. There are 4 glass pyramids in the atrium for bringing daylight under the earth and also for decoration purposes.

Each entrance has an X-Ray station for scanning you and your bags. Security is very important because of the high value of the artifacts.

The main wing of Louvre Palace ist build on one end of an axis straight through Paris ending at La Défense, a very modern business quarter. In between you cross the Tuilleries, the Arc de Triomphe and end at Grande Arche de la Défense.

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