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Standing on a higher gruond

It’s not so easy to get an overview over Paris, even there are no skyscrapers. But the houses are still high enough, to avoid overlooking the city. There are also not hills around Paris, except the Montmarte Hill. So, when standing in front of Sacre Coeur, you can have a good sight over the city. You can also climb up the Eiffeltower.

But I’d recommend going up the only skyscraper of Paris. With around 200m it’s smaller than the Eiffeltower, but you can also see the Eiffeltower. But from where?

From Tower Montparnasse! It’s a tall business building with a platform on top open for visitors. A highspeed elevator brings you up to the 56th level in a few seconds (38s). Here you can find a restaurant and stairt to the 59th level: the platform. You have a wonderful view to Eiffeltower, La Défense, Notre Dame, Hôpital d’Invalides, Sacre Coeur, Louvre, cemetry Montparnasse, Sorbonne and many, many more.

Only from such a high position you can see how big the Louvre really is and how the monuments are connected. Amazing!

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