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A fascinating coast

Last year on our trip to Brittany we passed this area but were unable to stop because of a lack of time. So we came back this year and had a look at this part of the French coast. Amazingly the coast looks different then the coast in Brittany. Even both coasts we visited had high cliffs and both are located at the British channel, they are different. There are completely different plants growing on top of the cliffs.

While we had some kind of thorny compact shrubs blooming in yellow and violet in Brittany. Here in the Normandie instead the cliffs are covered by grass.

The cliffs are not solid rock, but chalk rock. So the coast line is subject to be modified by wind, sun and rain. Also the oceans water is able to form the coastal line and thus creating interesting and fascination shapes.

My next post will cover the coastal lines and shape, the water has formed, so stay tuned.

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