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Saint Joseph in Le Havre

The tower of the church is high and overshines the ordinary buildings. When I saw it for the first time from a distance, I asked myself, what kind of building it might be, although it seemed dull to me.

When coming closer I noticed, that it is a church, build in the same style as the surrounding business and appartment  buildings.  Do you remember my last post on the city of Le Havre? As I reached the church from the backside I noticed the unusual ground plot: A very large tower on top of the center of a quite small foundation forming a square. No nave or side aisle were recognisable and the tower is build in the middle.

I surrounded the church to look, if it is possible to look inside, still expecting to see nothing interesting. But what a surprise: this church is not only unusual from the construction plan, but also from the interiour.  Yes, it’s also made from beton and yes, the interiour is also beton, but there are thousands of colorful glass windows in the tower and also in the walls. The light becames warm and colorful inside. What an opposite to the cold architecture.

Inside I found a leaflet saying, the idea behind the architecture was, to build a lighthouse for all the people of the city dying during the wars and thus turning the church also into a memorial for those people. I walked around in the church, enjoying the silence, the colors and the style. I was inside for about an hour and it was everything but dull or boring.

When watching the attached photos, take your time to look at them carefully and look at the details. The church is really worth all the time you spend.

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