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Visiting Honfleur

Honfleur is a smal city south of Le Havre. It’s a quite old city. So you find old crooked houses and narrow alleys. All around a nice harbour. Many of the houses are in good shape because of good care and restaurations. You can feel, that many artists (painters) are working  here.

There areat least two interesting parts of the city divided by the remaining parts of a stronghold, the Lieutenance, located at the north-eastern side of the inner harbour.

When standing at the inner harbor with the Lieutenance in your back, you see many sailboats in the harbour. At the left you can see a wooden church, now a museum. Go the the church and walk through the alleys over there. Go slowly and enjoy a walk through ancient times.

At the opposite side of the harbour you find many small restaurants in a row. When passsing the Lieutenance to the left, compassing the restaurants you find another interesting area. Art galleries and gift shops as well as another old woodden church. Passing another small alley you come to at a street with many shops selling i.e. clothing, wine or candies.

Every now and than you will find hints to the norman past (the vikings) at houses.

Take at least half a day for this interesting city.

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8 thoughts on “Visiting Honfleur”

  1. Beautiful photographs. The buildings look like they’re oozing with history.

  2. Simply beautiful. I enjoyed my time in Brittany very much. However, it was the south that called me. Thanks for stopping by today. I am glad you enjoyed the post on Collioure.

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