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left and right of the street …

… you can find quite interesting buildings.

Glamorous chateaus, nice farms, government houses, school buildings or even interesting ruins.

If you love such buildings, go and walk with your eyes open through the countryside.

But respect the owners privacy. Not every property is open for the public. When the gate is closed stay outside. On the other hand, try to contact the owner and ask for permission. Some houses are open for the public on certain days or during a certain time of the year (i.e. during the summer) and others may allow you to visit the house and the surrounding park.

Stay tuned for my next post. In the meantime take the chance to have a look on my previous posts. Keep in mind, you’re welcome to drop me a comment and share your thoughts with me and the other visitors.

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6 thoughts on “left and right of the street …”

  1. Lovely structures! They look like they’re wrapped in history. I know looks can be deceiving, so are the homes very old?

    1. The Chateau is quite old. It’s roots are in the th 14th century, but it was rebuild in 1770 (according to wikipedia) and in private ownership. The other building might be younger, but still more than 100 years old.

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