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Taking photographs in the old way …

… on analog film.

A fellow blogger wrote a post on this topic: 7 reasons to return to film photography

I stumbled over that post by change. Most of his reasons are reasonable, but there are others he didn’t set in the perspective.

I started photography in the early 1980s (OK, I got my first camera during the 1970s, but here I mean a more serious kind of photography). So I took photographs on film for approximately more than 25 year. Over the years you get plenty of dia slides and negatives. You have to catalog them and store them. You have to take care for a storage, suitable for them (not too hot, not too cold, no humidity, dark, keep them plan). Nearly the same is true for the prints.

I developed my black-and-whites myself. You need a  bunch of chemicals, that need special care after usage. The same is true for the color processes (more complicated, expensive and pollutive). Don’t mention the laboratory equipment. If you’re really interested in the old chemical processes, try taking a class at a school or try to get an internship at a photographer who still uses that old way.

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