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2012, the “11. Japantag” in Duesseldorf

Japantag means celebrating the good relationship between Japan and Germany, especially Duesseldorf, the capital of the German state Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW, Northrhine-Westphalia). This day (festival) took place for the 11th time yesterday. It’s usually organized by the Japanses people, living in Duesseldorf. Duesseldorf is the city with the 3rd most Japanese inhabitants outside of Japan. 

Their aim is to show Japanese culture, sports, music, manga (comics), animes (cartoon movies) and computer games. Over the last years there where more and more people loving those computer games, mangas and animes so much, that they tailor costumes their heros wearing in those stories. At Japantag they come from all Germany, Belgium, The Netherland and I don’t know, from where else, to meet other people with the same likings.

Fo me, as a photographer, this is a great opportunity to go and take photographs. The coustumes are usually great. But have a look yourself.

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Here I only put a few photos as a preview. Come over and see the complete gallery.

The day usually ends with a phantastic fireworks operation by excellent Japanese fireworkers. Every year the fireworks presentation has a theme. This years theme was “Fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm”. They produced i.e. butterflies, dragonflies and dwarfs in the sky.

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