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No, you don’t need to smile! I don’t want to take a photo from your. My blog isn’t able to yuse your computers camera for takting a picture from you. I meant the product cheese.

France is well know for its huge variety of cheese types. I heart, that there should be morth then 5.000 different kinds of cheese availlabe in France. I have no idea, if this number is right or not. but I knof a few kinds of cheese. I like some of them (i.e. brie or some camonberts) others I don’t like.

Cheese is made of milk. You can use milk of cows, sheep or goats. Some small cheese producing companies are open for visitors, like the one we visited, a goat farm. Unfortunaltey we were unable to visit the whole farm, because the farm was closed for visitors that day. We should have phoned or emaild in advance to ask for their opening hours. So, only the framers shop was open to sell goat cheese, chocolat filled with goat cheese, ice cream made of goat milk and a kind of liqueur. An iteresting experiece for the taste.

Outside there were a few goats in the meadow. It’s interesting to see, how big their udders are. Suddenly a few goatling came out in another meadow. So enjoy their photos while waiting for the next post.

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