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Omaha Beach

This was the code name for a certain coastal area the at french coast also located in the Normandie. Here the freeing of europe started in WW2. You can still find strongholds in the cliffs, memorial monuments and memorial plates. You also find several army cemetries.

We came to see the beach and visit the US army cemetry. Unfortunately we arrived 15 minutes too late. It closes at 5 p.m as well as the museum right next to the cemetry. Too sad. So we only were able to see the big sound, the wide sandy beach and the memorial monuments. Its a huge area. One need approximately 10 minutes to walk back uphill to the parking area.

When standing at the cliff you have a wonderful sight over the huge sound. You can hardly see the  land tongues to the right or to the left. So, when standing there, hold your breath and try to imagin, how it would have looked like when all the war ships were out there and bringing the soildiers to free Europe. I personally can’t imagine that. It’s too big!

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