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Finally it’s summer


Temerature is over 30 degrees for several days now and the prognosis is good for the next days, too. I love it.

Sitting outside enjoying the garden. Having a barbeque in the evening for dinner and staying outside until 10 p.m.

That’s real summer!
And not the cold and wet weather of the last weeks.

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Interior view of Notre Dame d’Amiens

Today I have some additional photos of the interior of Notre Dame d’Amiens.

Another statue of Jeanne d’Arc is placed in one side ship. On one hallway I found an interesting statue of Mary with the child standing on the head of a snake with one foot. An I found an interesting statue of a skeleton resting in a hammock, very funny. Continue reading “Interior view of Notre Dame d’Amiens”

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Notre Dame d’Amiens

On our way back home we made a rest in Amiens, the capital of the french region Picardie, north of the Normandie. We stopped to visit the cathedral Notre Dame d’Amiens.
On a rainy day we got a sunny break for our complete visit in Amiens. The cathedral is very impressive.
The cathedral is quite light compared to others we visited. Also the colorful windows were complete and the interior is very rich decorated.
Shortly after we entered the cathedral the organ player started his exercises. Even the organ is very loud (after leaving the cathedral we were able to listen to his playing while walking on the square before the cathedral without any problem).
He played for approximately an hour and it was wonderful listening to him. Continue reading “Notre Dame d’Amiens”