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Interior view of Notre Dame d’Amiens

Today I have some additional photos of the interior of Notre Dame d’Amiens.

Another statue of Jeanne d’Arc is placed in one side ship. On one hallway I found an interesting statue of Mary with the child standing on the head of a snake with one foot. An I found an interesting statue of a skeleton resting in a hammock, very funny.

The cathedral hat two side entrances with colorful glass rosettes above them. Most remarkable I found one of them. The rosette above the side entrance left of the altar (when inside as a visitor, not the priest) has frames between the colorful glass slides of stone as usual, but the frame forms a goats head, like the symbol used by satanists. You can see it on the photo above (klick on the photo to see it bigger).  Is anyone out there, who is able to explain that to me. The windows above the opposite  entrance is framed by a floral shape as I have seen it in many churches before.

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