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W.I.M – Warstein International Montgolfiade

Last weekend I was in Warstein, a quite small city in Northrheine-Westphalia. It’s located in a region calles Sauerland, an agricultural region with many offers for vacations. Many lakes, hills and hiking trails are attracting the visitors.

A local brewery is the main sponsor for this event, held for the 22nd time. So, no wonder, many balloons had the brewery’s logo on it.

I was there with 5 friends for taking photographs and it was worth the effort. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to walk around, have a look inside a balloon and touch it. But the main reason for coming over was to attend the evening mass start. 155 balloons started that evening, most fo them were regular shaped, but also a few irregular shaped balloons were there: a sunflower,  heart, a food can, a schnaps bottle, a fork lift, a fox (cat?) head and a satellite. It was an amazing view.

All of the balloons and also 3 blimps were bloat up by hot air.

The weather was fine and the fields were dry, even we had much rain the day before.

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