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An unneccessary incident

You know, computers usually have hard disks. Every hard disk has movable parts and that’s the reason, why hard disks are about to fail on day (earlier or later they will do so!). When working with computers for a long time, you can hear, when a had disk begins to die and can bay a new hard disk to replace the failing one, right before old disk will be death.

I ordered a new hard disk and got it a few days later. Put it in a USB case and plugged it in the compter to start it with a disk duplication software. All the data should be copied from the old disk to the new one and I would be back in the game – I thought.

Unfortunately the imaging software was unable to start on that computer for an unknown reason. So I tried to change the disks for changing the copy direction. I also tried to make an image first instead of copying it on the fly. All my efforts were unsuccessful.

So I investigated to find another software for moving my running environment to the new hard disk: Acronis Easy Migrate 7. While reading the description on the website, I thought, that this might be the right software for that job and installed it after downloading it from their website.

Installation was OK. A final reboot to finish the installation and fire! But — it mentioned to miss a floppy drive. A FLOPPY? What the heck? Why a floppy. So I uninstalled it again. but after the final reboot, my Windows was unable to start again. The uninstallation destroyed the Windows environment, so that the included repair tools were unable to fix it.

Next step: a chat with Acronis support.

The chat lasts about 3 hours to analyze the problem. I’m an IT pro myself for more the 20 years, but the result was really shocking for me: No recovery possible, ’cause something happened, that might have destroyed the registry and for newer versions of Windows (newer as XP) no backup copy of the registry exists anymore. The only possible solution is to re-install.

OK, that might be possible: there is a recovery partition provided by Acer on my hard disk and the only thing I have to do, is to press on the button to save my user data and gat the computer in the same shape as it was, when I got it frist after delivery. That’s the plan.

Unfortunately, the recovery process didn’t work. It started properly, but a one point, it stopped with an unnamed error mentioning “an unknown error occurred. Reboot to continue setup”. This error wasn’t fixable and occurred again and again. What’s next?

Next I tried to recover using the recovery media by Acer. But the recovery process ended in the same situation. How disappointing.

I invested a complete weekend and three evenings in the recovery without any usable result.

My next try will use a Windows-OEM DVD.

As long as this computer is broken, I’m unable to edit photos. All the other things can be done using my tablet, but there are many photos waiting for being editied. How disappointing.

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I’m back …

… from Bavaria.
I was in Bavaria at the Ammer lake for a week. We hoped for colorful leafs and sun, but got days with fog and drizzling rain. Only one day we had the weather as expected. But, nevertheless, the weather was not too bad to take many photos.

The Ammer lake is located west of Munich, the Bavarian capital. It’s part of the 5 lake district. The 5 lakes remained after the meltdown of the glaciers after the last ice age, some 10.000 years ago.

While our arrival we saw fog coming up from the fields and the forests. It was a fantastic experience, as always.

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Windmills in the early morning

Here are the remaining photos. The crowning of a wonderful weekend. Nice friends with me, wonderful weather, a nice hotel, no traffic jams, the unexpected illumination and the fog between the windmills in the morning.

This certain mood is very special. The fog modifies the sunlight and forms a very special ambience.  Continue reading “Windmills in the early morning”

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Windmills at night

We were so lucky. Only one week of the year, the windmills are illuminated at night and we arrived just at the last day of this illuminations week. We didn’t know about it in advance and we learned about it by a waitress while having a break and waiting for better light.

Even our hotel manager was willing to keep the Continue reading “Windmills at night”

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A short trip to Zuid-Holland

Two weeks ago I was in the Netherlands, region Zuid-Holland.

The Netherlands are well-known for agricultural products like vegetables and cheese. The national symbol in our eyes is the windmill (or maybe Vrouw Antje, Continue reading “A short trip to Zuid-Holland”