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St. Martin

This little guy (the right one) is called “Stutenkerl”

This German word is build from two parts: “Stuten” and “Kerl”. Stuten is a kind of light sweet, soft bread and Kerl is in German a word for a man, just like guy or dude in English.

You can buy Stuten also as a bread and eat it i.e. for breakfast with butter and maybe some jam. Or you can eat  it in the afternoon at tea time.

November 10th is St. Martin. Do you know about him and why he is remembered? Because of him many kindergartens and grammar schools are organizing processions carrying lanterns and singing special songs dedicated to him and his remarkable act of sharing his coat with a beggar by cutting it with his sword.

The kids usually getting such a Stutenkerl, but you can buy them in nearly every bakery from mid October to mid or end November.

The two guys in the photo above were made by my wife (it’s not common to make them at home, usually you go and buy them) and we enjoyed them this afternoon with butter and a cup of coffee. It’s a yeast dough, some raisins and the pipes were collected from bought Stutenkerls in the past.  – hmmmm, yummy 🙂

When working with kids, it’s always funny, to make Stutenkerls, because they can help easily. But, you can’t buy the pipes. The bakers buy them in special shops, were the common people are not allowed. So, my wife collected and cleaned them for a reuse. And: here they are!

2 thoughts on “St. Martin”

  1. While I have never seen these before nor heard of them, I use to make breads shaped as Teddy Bears when my children were little then decorated them with raisins. Sometimes the boy bears would sport a red bow-tie! Thanks for the memories…

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