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A creek in the forest

One day we were hiking. Our goal was, to reach a certain waterfall, where a creek falls into the river Ammer in small, dense threats, just like a veil.

We crossed the creek early, running through the forest. Because of the constant rain that day and the day before, the creek was slightly swollen.

I was looking for a waterfall to photograph for some time, because I need a picture for a book project. So, when in an area where waterfalls might be common, I was searching for hints. Wikipedia, internet hiking forums, photo forums and hiking guides as well as local guides are a source for such information. A combination of such sources led me to this waterfall. It’s not that spectacular, but nice to see.

The hike was quite interesting. Even the guide said, the track would be quite difficult, we found it ok. The ground was a bit slippery as a result of the constant fine rain and the amount of leafs on the ground – like it’s quite common in fall.

Thus it was a necessity to wear hiking boots, like we did. The hike lasts about 3 hours  and we were quite wet when we were back at the parking ground, but it was a wonderful trip.

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3 thoughts on “A creek in the forest”

  1. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos. However, if I were along, I would want time to sit and write or perhaps paint… If you ever get to my little village, we have a few creeks, a river and a cascade (waterfall) and plenty of places to hike! We are on the route de Cathar so a lot of hikers seek out the area regardless of the weather or time of year. There is the added bonus here of being so close to The Mediterranean and The Pyrenees.
    Keep those wonderful posts coming! Merci beaucoup!

    1. Sometimes I whish, I could type my post right out of my mind, without using a keyboard. I usually use waiting times or other less occupied times for preparing a post in my mind. So, that I’m nearly ready, when it comes to type it into the computer.
      Painting is also a wonderful thing. I’m not talented in painting, unfortunately.
      Regarding your area: the description sounds interesting. I really should considering visiting the south of France, too.

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