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Through the winterly forest


Thursday evening the weather forecast proposed a snow rotor coming eastwarts from the British channel over middle Europe, and it came. Until Friday morning the temperature dropped to – 10 degrees centigrade and we got much snow. The lowlands beside the river Rhine got about 20 cm, and here, about 60 – 70 km east, we got about 10 cm. That’s not that much, but enough to make some problem in the streets.
Here, where I live, we usually have more snow, than the people in the lowlands, ’cause we live at about 200 m over the sea, while the lowlands are onyl at about 20 m over the sea level. Surprisingly I found yesterday evening while coming back from a friends birthday party, that about 10 km east from here no snow was on the ground. Amazing.
Yesterday came no more snow, but the sun was shining very well. Even it was about -10 degrees centigrade we made a walk through the forest.
Enjoy the photos.
Today, the temperature climbed to +3 degrees centigrade and it was raining all the day. Most of the snow is gone now, but we are in danger of ice on the streets. That are very good conditions for making much problems during the night and tomorrow morning, when all the people have to go to work again.

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