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out of the stollen


this is a play on words in German.

A Stollen is the word for a tunnel in mining and also the name of this kind of cake.

The complete name is “Dresdner Christstollen”, because it’s origin is the city of Dresden in the eastern part of Germany. Nowadays this kind of fruit loaf is known in whole Germany, but not everyone likes it.

The cake is very sweet and very satiably.

You can eat it with butter at tea / coffee time in the afternoon (or whenever you want it 🙂 ). You have to eat it within a few days and keep the cut face from drying-out. So, you better save both ends and take slices from the middle for eating.

As you can see, there is a lot of sugar in it as well as butter, rosins and candied lemon and orange peel. 

Every now and then, I like one or two slices, but not too regularly.

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2 thoughts on “out of the stollen”

  1. I can remember having this when I was young. No doubt it was not as good as it is there. What are the chances for talking you out of a really good and authentic recipe. I am very comfortable making yeast doughs and cakes so that shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, I do want an authentic stollen. No doubt my friends and neighbours would enjoy it as well.

    1. Christstollen are nowadays usually made in industrial bakeries. I guess, there’s a chance to find pastry cooks around Dresden making them for their own bakery. But, nevertheless, I’ll have a look for a recipe.

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