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Next waterfall


Walking downhill next to creek Pöllat we came to a plateau (or kind of). The creek goes even out but broader because the plateau gave him room enough. Though the water goes more slowly here.

Many people set up cairn (stonemen). It’s kind of a funny scene.

These cairns can be found everywhere around the world. They are ancient path marks as well as remembrance places. Take some stones and try to stack them yourself. How high will your cairn grow? It’s not as easy as it looks like.

I haven’t count all the cairns set up here, but there are many of them.

At last we went further, still along the creek.

It was a very impressive place.

Come along with me, along the creek. There is another post to come, soon. In the meantime you might have a look at my last posts and enjoy some other photos taken in Bavaria or on one of the other places I’ve visited and published here.

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