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Inside The Wies

600_0919-e_wToday I’ll show you the interior of The Wies (Die Wies), as I proposed in my last post. If you wonder, why I write the article with a capital “T”, that’s because even in German the church is called with an article, because there are more churches with that name, but this one is a special one.

Wies is Bavarian dialect for Wiese (= meadow, grassland, grazing land). That’s because it’s located out in the fields.

One of the special features of this church is the ceiling. When standing inside and looking at the ceiling,  you see a white, arced ceiling decorated with stucco and colorful frescos. A fresco is a painting, when the artist had painted the color in the wet plastering. You can imagine, how hard that is. Laying on your back and painting over-head without any possibility to correct any mistake.

But, the ceiling isn’t arced! It’s plane, but the painting is so artistic distorted to create the illusion of an arced ceiling. That’s called: Trompe-l’œil (= cheating the eye). It’s really incredible and unbelievable. You can find this fact only in the German Wikipedia, and of course a local guide can tell you about this. The technique itself is describe in the English Wikipedia, too.

I love this church. It was my second visit. The first one was many years ago on a vacation trip with my parents.

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