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I’m back ….. from Cuba


During the last 3 week I was on a round trip on Cuba.

The trip was quite exhausting, but wonderful. While it is icy cold and snowy here in Europe, I was able to enjoy the hot sun on this big Caribbean island. As you might expect, I was there to learn about the culture and take lots of photographs. Some of them will pop up here during the next weeks.

As a summary I’d like to say, Cuba was a positive surprise to me. It was less dirty than expected from my own experience in Spain, Croatia or some other more southern countries. I saw less military or police stuff then in other communist or socialist countries or even in Italy and Spain. On the other hand, we find a good working and well-organized infrastructure, such as traffic lights, traffic signs and town signs beside the road at each town entrance and each exit.

On the highway there was another surprise for me: 3 lanes for each direction, but nearly everyone used the most left lane (instead of the most right as expected for a country, where they drive on the right side, such as in most European countries beside the UK or in the USA). There were only few vehicles on the motorway.

Some cars, a few buses and lorries. But also horse-drawn buggies, bikes and pedestrians. The last group even used the motorway in both directions (=> drove illegally on the wrong side of the lane). Pedestrians also crossed the motorway and there were crossings.

Most interesting were the vast amount of private cars, build back in the 1950s and still on the (often bad) roads. Most of them in really good shape. Yes, there also were lots of modern cars and buses, as in every other modern country.

The above photo is meant as a teaser for much more to come soon. Stay tuned 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’m back ….. from Cuba”

  1. Thanks for a “window” into a place I have long been interested in. Unfortunately, from the states, we were not allowed to go there. I shall look forward to more photos from Cuba!

    1. There’s much more to come. As I wrote: we discovered the island from the north to the south during our 3 weeks. And, as usual I have cities, people and nature in my pocket 🙂
      Nowadays it’s possible to visit Cuba even from the US. There are direct flights available. Only the exchange rate for USD is worse, then for Euro or CAN$.
      Luckily for visitors, they don’t place a stamp in your passport at the immigration desk. Instead, you get a separate piece of paper for you immigration from your travel agency. This paper will carry the stamp and you have to give it back when leaving Cuba.

  2. That’s interesting! Before moving to France, it was still not possible unless you were the Press or a few other professions. I had a number of friends who went by going to Mexico and getting a flight from there. Thanks for the information as it is still a place I would love to see.

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