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Walking around in the old town of Havana

600_3688-e_wHavana is the capital of Cuba. The complete name is Villa San Cristóbal de La Habana.

The city was founded back in the early 16th century by the spanish conquerors. You can still find many old buildings in Havana, i.e. strongholds and churches from that time.

The Cuban government is currently doing many renovations. Houses, streets and places are undergoing a renovation process to get rid of broken facades and holes in the streets. Houses are also freshly repainted, i.e. the houses around Plaza Vieja are all bought by the government, renewed and repainted. Now they all look like they were in the past, when they were new.

According to our local guide, the Cuban people love reading books. During our visit we saw a local book market and several single people selling used book in the streets. During our visit was a book fair held in one of the old strongholds with more than 320.000 visitors during the two weeks, as the news said. Afterwards the fair visited all the other provinces of Cuba.

Stay tuned for my next posts on Cuba. While waiting, you could also have a look at my past posts covering Cuba or any of the other trips.

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