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Reusing old stuff

600_3766-s_wEvery now and then you find some stuff in you cupboard, closet, cellar or attic that is unusable anymore, useless or simply needless. You can store it somewhere else to keep it or you can throw it away. But there is another option: you can give it a new meaning and recycle it. i.e. old clothing can be collected and donated to an aid organization to help people after a catastrophe, old furnitures can also be donated to aid organizations for helping poor people and old metals can be remelted for creating new products.

On Cuba I found a very creative idea for reusing old cannons and cannonballs. As I said before, Cuba was founded by the spanish conquistadores back in the 15th century and because of the huge amount of gold and other valuables, they had taken from the natives to bring it back to Spain, many pirates were active in the Caribbean sea to benefit from that wealth, too.

The spanish on the other hand fought against the pirates and tried to defend the country and the wealth with strongholds and cannons. Nowadays these old weapons are useless and the cuban government gave them a new purpose: cannons are roadblocks and cannonballs are used for separating places from roads. Much more peaceful than their original meaning 🙂

While waiting for my next post on Cuba, you can take a look on my previous posts on Cuba and many other topics, too. Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Reusing old stuff”

    1. Even US citizens are alowed to visit Cuba.
      I saw US citizens of different age at several locations, not only at the airport, but also in hotels showing their passport at th ereception desks.

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