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600_9682-e_wLast week I was on a photography trip with a few friends.

The dam at the artificial lake was build 1913. Thus the owner, a water company, celebrates the 100th birthday with an illumination.

You can find a few impressions below.

You can still visit the illumination until Pentecost.

I’ll show a few photos taken during daylight in one of my next posts in parallel to a continuation of the Cuba posts.

Take care!

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9 thoughts on “Möhne-Illumination”

    1. Thanks, Laurie.
      We meet the first Saturday of each month. The week before we negotiate our trip via a forum. Usually we are outdoors, when bad weather conditions are proposed, we visit a museum or so. But usually also with our cameras.
      Afterwards everyone publishes a few photos in the forum for discussion. You can learn from each other. That’s fantastic.

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