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Flowers everywhere

600_0204_wIt’s spring again – finally. The winter lasted long this year, but finally spring came. Spring means, trees and bushes start blooming and flowers coming out of the soil.

The Netherlands are well-known as a flower growing country and the flower everyone connects with the Netherlands first is the tulip, even tulips originating from Persia. I heard about big fields with tulips and was eager to visit one for taking photographs. But going on a trip for 200 – 300 km without knowing, where to find such a field? What a surprise, when a friend told me about such a field here in Germany, only about 50 km from my home. After a small detour on my way home, we stopped at the field. Unfortunately the farmer already cut many blossoms. He did so, for making the tulip onion stronger, while it’s not necessary for the plan to further feed the blossom and the seed head. But there where still enough blossoms to give you an idea.

Fortunately the sun came out again for a few minutes, to give the scenery a beautiful light again.

When the farmer drove home, he stopped at us for a little chat. At first I assumed, he’d banish us. But he only had want to warn us, because of the herbicides and he put on the plants. But he also told us about thiefs stealing his tulips nearly every night.

Remark to me: visit that area next year again.

Have fun!

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6 thoughts on “Flowers everywhere”

  1. Lovely! While I haven’t visited Germany yet, I have been to Holland twice and seen the tulip fields there.
    In Washington State, in the small town of La Conner, there are fields and fields of tulips. They hold a tulip festival every year and my cousin took me there during a visit. I have many photos and put several on one of my blogs in the early days.

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