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Let the music play

600_4178-ec_w When thinking about Cuba, what do you think first? Rum? Cigars? Tabaco? Music? Or old cars?

To shorten it: I found all of this.

Music is everywhere. In hotel  lobbys, restaurants and in the streets are people playing music. Usually bands with more than 2 and  up to 10 members. Here in Germany music in restaurants is usually played by CD and street musicians are playing alone. But in Cuba there were usually bands playing music.

Many of them also try to sell their own CDs. Some CD are homemade, using a CD burner, others are made professional. The price was everywhere the same: 10 CUC, that’s ~ 7,70 EUR or 10 US$.

They are playing different styles of music: Son, Salza, Trova (old and new) and many more. To get an idea, try to find recording of i.e. Buena Vista Social Club. I also found musicians playing traditional songs with a communistic or revolutionary content i.e. “Hasta siempre”.

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8 thoughts on “Let the music play”

  1. What fun! If my circumstances were different right now, I would be on my way! I have enjoyed each of your posts on Cuba very much. 🙂 xx

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