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Japantag 2013


Yesterday, the Japanese Community in Düsseldorf, celebrated the Japantag (Day of Japan). Some more information you can find in my last years post.

This year we had bad luck with the weather conditions. Although the weather was fine, when I arrived, it was quite windy. Later in the afternoon it became cloudy and the first raindrops felt on the people. Thus I decided, not to wait for the fireworks. The weather forecast proposed heavy rain, so I went home early.

But all over the day I took many photos of happy and peaceful people in wonderful costumes. Most of them, if not all, were made by their own. They masquerade for showing their love for certain characters from Manga, Anime or computer games.

This year I also visited the Samurai camp, where traditional Japanese weapons, arms and suits of armors were displayed, explained and even the use of them demonstrated.

Again, it was wonderful day, even I missed the fireworks. 😦

Have fun, while watching the  photos and maybe have also a look on the posts from the last years.

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