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Plaza de la Revolución José Martí

600_3897-scb1_wThis huge square is biggest square of Cuba and it is used for big political events. According to Wikipedia it is 72.000 square meters big.

The square is dominated by the José Martí Memorial. He was one of leaders of the first revolution against Spain back in 1895 and is now a national hero.

The other buildings, decorated with Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos which were both combatants of Fidel and Raoul Castro in the 1959s revolution, are the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Informations.

The tower ist 109 meter high and thus the highest building of Havana. An elevator can bring you up to there to get a fantastic vie over the city. When we arrived there, it was unfortunately too late to queue for a lift. In front of the tower you can find the 18 meters high statue of José Martí.

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