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A waterfall – tourist trap

600_6795-e_wNext to the street to our hotel near Pinar del Río in the north of Cuba, we saw a sign, introducing an interesting waterfall. Curious as any photographers, we went for a look.

A small bridge led us over the river to a cashier desk to collect the entrance fee. As I remember, they asked for 5 CUC, that’s 5 USD or ~4 Euro.  But, one of our group remembered having read about free entrance for hotel guests, so our room key was all, we had to show.

A small cement trail with many steps led us down. Finally we reached the waterfall and its pool. As you can see in the photo, this isn’t a waterfall, but a runlet.

On the other hand, we were there during the dry period, where the lack of water is serious problem and you can see, the riverbed is broader. But, even if the river would have more water, the step only has a hight of approximately 50 cm. So, even in that case, that won’t be a waterfall. At least not in my opinion. Here you can see waterfalls! Or maybe you like the waterfall category more 🙂

So, I call this a tourist trap.

This post is my contribution to the daily assignment from the daily post, here on wordpress.com, even it is an unplanned topic for today. More on this cuban place later here in this blog. More on Cuba is planed for Thursday.

Stay tuned!

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