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Lovelocks – again

600_9614_wWhile walking on the masonry dam at lake Möhne a few weeks ago, I noticed locks mounted on the security meshs. I wrote several times (here, here or here) on this tradition, mounting locks on bridges for sealing the love.

I explained this practise in one of my past posts on Paris. You can find it here.

Do you know such a tradition in your country, too? If so, feel free to tell us about in the comments below. I’d really like to get an idea, if this practise is known in other parts of the world, too, or if they have different, but similar traditions.

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4 thoughts on “Lovelocks – again”

  1. I don’t know about my country, but I remember seeing some in Amsterdam

  2. I do remember your post of the locks in Paris. It will be interesting to see if they appear elsewhere. Or perhaps, you will inspire lovers to start the practice in other countries?

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