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kids in …

600_6602-ec_w… Cuba. In case you grew up in the 1980s you might have continued the words with ‘America’, as the title of a Kim Wild song sais. But even Cuba is part of the american continent, the subject is much more precise with the word Cuba in it.

When talking about people, there are also kids to talk about. Usually you can see poverty at first when looking at the kids. In Cuba I didn’t see any poverty. Although some houses looked like a renovation was necessary, the people looked quite good. Many, but not too much, kids were in the streets. Their clothes were in proper shape and they didn’t look like they were under starvation.

The little girl on the photo above is a member of an african minority in Cuba wearing traditional clothes. Every now and then you can see people, usualy women, wearing such kind of  ‘usual’ clothing. On the first hand you might think, they are costumed, but that’s not true. Her mother also was wearing such eye-catching clothes. According to our guide, these people do so, to keep their traditions active and for not forgetting their roots. It’s not a special sunday or holiday dress for them, but a dress for every day.

Feel free to have a look at my past posts on Cuba or any other topic here, while waiting for the continuation.

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