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The ride of Aurora

600_0674-e_wIn the ancient roman mythology, the sun-god Sol (Helios in greek) has a messenger driven ahead of him: Aurora (Eos in greek). She has her own carriage and prepares the path for her following brother.

We left all those old roman and greek gods and goddesses far behind, but each sunrise is still announced by wonderful dawns.

Have you ever observed a sunrise in peace without any hurry? If not, try it. Get up early at night, take some warm clothes and a torch and go in the fields. Look for a place, where you can see the eastern horizon without any trees (or at least only a few), houses or so hiding it and wait for it. It’s a very good idea, to select a suitable place in advance for not wasting time when it comes to watch the rising aurora.

There are many sites available at the internet, where you can look up the time of the sunrise for exact your location and date. In case you have the time of the sunrise, be at the already chosen place 1 hour before. Depending on your location, the so called “blue hour” starts about an hour before sunrise. So, be prepared!

Then relax and enjoy a wonderful play on colors and emotion and you’ll understand, why the ancient Romans and Greeks have had her own goddess for the time right before sunrise.

Here, in my blog you can find photographs taken at dawn in several posts. Feel free to watch at least some of them.Here, here and in several others, too.

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4 thoughts on “The ride of Aurora”

  1. Being an early morning person, I have greeted the sun many times. Here on the cliffs peaking over the Mediterranean, is a perfect place!

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