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600_6533-sc_wWhen talking about kids, like I did in my last post on Cuba, you also have to talk about education and schooling.

Cuban kids also go to school. Primary schools for the first 6 years are usually in the neighborhoods, secondary schools are a bit more centralized. In the country, where people live more distributed on their farms, schools are really small. In case, there are much too few pupils, the primary school teacher would even come to the farms for 2 or 3 days a week to educate the kids. To get this kids to go to the secondary school, the government offers residential schools.

School starts at 8:30h and lasts until 16:00h. The kids have to wear a uniform. The uniforms are the same all over the country, but they differ from the kids ages.

They wear a white shirt or blouse, coloured trousers or skirts and white socks. The shoes are on their own.  You can easily see, what kind of school the kid is going to:

The skirt or trousers are colored like an aubergine for the primary school, yellow for the secondary school, light blue for those who try to get a diploma (class 11 and 12) and darker blue for university or professional school students.

Schooling usually ends after 10 years. In case a student is good enough, he or she can apply for 2 additional years to acquire a diploma nd go to the university afterwards.

The girls are wearing mini skirts or shorts with another piece of fabric above to keep the look of a skirt. The younger boys wearing tree-fourths trousers and the older ones long trousers.

In Santiago de Cuba we even found a factory, where lots of women were sewing school uniforms.

I hope, you enjoy the photos and you’re looking forward for my next post on Cuba.

Take care.

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