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games children play

600_5528-sc_wMy last two posts were focused on kids. Today I focus on kids again.

We saw several kids playing in the streets of the cuban cities and I was wondering, what kind of games they’d play. It seems to me, kids all over the world are playing the same kinds of games: football (soccer), throwing cards, marbles, hide and seek, jumping the rope, riding a bike, playing with animals (dogs, cats, goats, donkeys), catch-me or riding a hobby-horse.

Regarding football (soccer) our guide told us, the government don’t like them playing football, because the national sport is baseball (beside domino). In case, the kids don’t play baseball anymore, who will go to one of the professional baseball clubs?

I also attached a photo taken at a kindergarten. The kindergarten playground seemed kind of surreal to me. We were there on a regular Tuesday morning and found open gates and no kids. Empty swings, no laughing, no one on the ball playground or in the sandbox. Crazy.

While waiting for my next post on Cuba, you can have a look on the past posts.

Take care!

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4 thoughts on “games children play”

  1. Love it! Thank you. 🙂

    I cannot being to thank you for this mini tour of Cuba. Just in case I don’t get to go myself.

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