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Visiting Cementerio Cristóbal Colón

600_3874-sc_wWhy to visit a cemetery during a vacation, I already wrote about last year. So, I don’t want to repeat it here.

On Cuba we also visited a cemetery: the cemetery of Habana. It’s really huge: 56 hectare with more than 20 kilometres of streets  and more than a million funerals the biggest cemetery in whole America. According to Wikipedia you can find more than 53,000 family graves, mausoleums and chapels in the necropolis.

Even the cemetery is that big, that you usually need a map to find a certain grave,  I was able to find a celebrity: the grave of Ibrahim Ferrer Planas (20.02.1927 – 06.08.2005), the voice of Buena Vista Social Club.

Here you can find a huge variety of graves and mausoleums. I was kind of surprised of the elaborated construction of the graves and the lack of poverty graves (at least, I didn’t find one). Most of them were in very good shape and rich decorated. My expectation was much different, regarding the cultural state of Cuba.

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3 thoughts on “Visiting Cementerio Cristóbal Colón”

  1. Wonderful post! I think cemeteries provide a window into the culture and have been to many. Also, the actual death and funeral have been huge windows into my new home here. The rituals that surround them may just end up in a post one day…

    1. Thanks, Léa.
      You’re right. A cemetry is a window into culture. And thus they differ much from country to country. Even in one country you can find (sometimes big) regional differences in this case. Maybe I’ll write a follow up on cemetries here in Germany, too, soon.

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