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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

This weeks photo challenge at “The Daily Post” is “golden hour”. That is the first time after sunrise and the last time before sunset. It’s not literaly an hour long. Because the sun isn’t that high in the sky, the light is very soft and has a warm mood.

I often get up early to use this time of the day because of the beautiful light. Later at the day the is getting worse, while it usually gets better in the afternoon.

In general you can keep this saying in your mind:
    from 11 to 3
    the photographer has free.

(In German it’s a rhyme, so I tried it here, too).

Here is an example taken in the morning golden hour not far from my home. I’ve chosen this photo, because you can see very easily the mood the light creates during this special times.dsc_1215-e_w

While you are here on my page, take some time to click around. I guess, you’ll find some other posts you’d like. 🙂

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