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Let’s dance!?!

600_4377-ep_w I’m not the guy, who loves dancing. So, I wasn’t that much excited, when I read about the visit at Tropicana in our trip schedule.

But Tropicana is much more than a dancing show. Pretty girls, handsome guys, cuban music, artistry and beautiful costumes were on the stage. The audience got a can of cola, a 1/3 bottle of brown rum and a cigar per person for.

The show started at 10 p.m. when it was completely dark outside. The Tropicana theatre is a roofless building, where only parts of the audience, the kitchen and the restrooms are solid buildings. The stage itself is open air.

When coming to the show, avoid bringing a camera or even a mobile containing a camera. You have to pay an extra fee of 5 CUC for taking photographs or hand your gear to the guard. I paid the fee and it was definitely worth the money.

When in Havana, I’d definitely recommend visiting Tropicana.

Have fun!

These photos were all shot during the first scene in approximately 30 minutes. The dancers changed their costumes several times and displayed different styles in music and dancing, some accompanied by singers. I guess, I’ll show some of them, too, but later in a separate post.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s dance!?!”

  1. What fun! When I visited Thailand, my friend had ordered tickets for us to see the Cabaret in Bangkok. I couldn’t convince Huyen’s grandmother that the performers were all male and it was basically a drag show. However, they both enjoyed it and a few days later we moved on to Vietnam which was our goal.

    1. Here, too.
      I also didn’t notice the male dancers dressed up like the girls, but wondered that some of the girls looked quite strange. I also wondered why some of the dancers wore skin-colored fabrics over their waist. Later we found out, that there were some men in female dresses in the midst of the girls at the stage. I guess, I’ll show some of them in a later post.
      On the other hand, Thailand is famous for their lady-boys. These guys pay lots of money to be recognized as women.
      Thanks for you comment, Léa!

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