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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

This weeks assignment for the weekly photo challenge at the “The Daily Post” is: saturated.

I took this photo 4 weeks ago during a model photo shooting. We had a nice and hot summer afternoon. A very big thank you to my wonderful and very talented model.


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Make love, not war!

600_5015-s_wThis is one of the slogans of the flower power or hippie movement back in the 1960s and early 1970s, when people were tired from loosing relatives (son, fathers, husbands, uncles or brothers) in wars, that seem unnecessary to them.

One of these wars was on Cuba, when cuban refugees tried to banish Fidel Castro and his companeros, to get rid of his revolution. But, they failed. So, Cuba is still a communist country and many Cubans live in exile in Florida, only 30 km north of Cuba. In Cuba you can visit a little museum in the area around Bahía de Cochinos, where the attack in back in 1961 was started. You can also find hundreds of memorial pillars beside the streets, to mark places where important revolutionists died during this war.

Inside the museum you can find many documents, bills, banknotes, coins, old newspapers, photographs, ID cards and parts of the defenders equipment. Of course, everything is written in spanish. For taking photographs inside, you have to pay a 5 CUC fee, as I already told you in several other places in the past.

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A short visit in Paris

600_3616-bc_wWhen we were in Fourqueuex for visiting the  Fête Patronale, we had some hours free, to visit Paris. As I wrote in my first post for this trip last Tuesday, we had bad luck with the weather. It was constantly raining during our hours in Paris. But, nevertheless, I was on a walk with my camera. Even the walk was shorter than planed, I have some photos to show.

Some members of our group were shopping at La Fayette or Les Halles, others went to Sacré Coeur and Montmatre  and some sat in a restaurant most of the time.

I was very wet. It was quite warm, so a raincoat wasn’t really necessary to keep one warm. But, because of the rain we needed it. An umbrella comes very unhandy for a photographer. So, I went without my jacket most of the time, when the rain was only slightly drizzling.

At last we had a rest in the Carousel at the Louvre palais. Sitting in a warm and dry space and having a cup of hot coffee. While I had a second cup. my wife and a friend went window shopping and buying some nice gems.

Now, you have the opportunity, to see a bit of Paris too. Take a dry seat, get a cup of coffee, tea or any other drink and enjoy the photos. I crosslinked some of my other posts as a further reference.

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psychedelic dreams

Today’s post something very special. I’m not only a travel and landscape photographer. I’m also a portrait and wedding photographer. But most of those jobs are private. So, you haven’t seen any of them here. But every now and then I also work with a model for theme shootings.

This photo was taken at such a theme photo shooting and finally I edited it quite hard, as you can easily see. I’m very curious for you opinions and feeling regarding the photo. I know, not everyone will like it, but I’m really interested in your opinions. The cover is inspired by the 1960s and early 1970s, when the flower power and hippie movement  was on its summit and psychedelic rock came up.

Sometimes I create fake magazine covers for the models. This time got inspired by Leanne Cole to create a vinyl record cover, that aims to have been stuck in the tight record box for a long time. Leanne Cole is an Australian photographer and has started working with textures a few weeks ago. While working with certain textures she is able to create a very special mood in her photographs.


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Being a guest on Zapata peninsula

600_4983-s_wThe peninsula Zapata is a national park. But tourists are able to get special experience there. A hotel is in the middle of the national park. Every room is a separate wooden house on stalks. All houses are located around a bay. You’re able to watch many, many different birds nearby. The houses are well-integrated in the landscape. They even tried hard to hide the supply lines and the disposal line. No waste will fall in the water below the houses.

The hotel can be reached only via boat from Boca de Guamá. The motorboats need about 30 minutes for the transfer.  But, when you’re arrived, you’re in perfectly silence (beside the singing birds).

I’ll write another post soon dedicated to the wonderful birds on Cuba. So, don’t worry about having only two here in this post.

Stay tuned and while waiting for my next post in Cuba, you could have a look pack on my previous posts.

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I’m back from France … again

600_3544I was in France last weekend for attending the Fête Patronale (Saint’s day?) in our partner town, near Paris. Here, in my region this kind of religious celebration is unknown, at least for me, even I found at Wikipedia, that is also held in Germany in the major catholic cities.

I was part of the delegation to visit them and we started at Friday morning with a bus and arrived in the early afternoon.

We were welcomed with a drink and in the evening we went for a barbecue with sucklings, fresh veggies and wine (we are in France!).

It was a nice evening, even it started raining slightly. What a pity.

Beside the official speeches and a horn blowers choir, they played music from the wonderful Nolwenn Leroy, a female singer from Brittany. You can find a few of her songs at youtube.  It was a nice evening.

Our Saturday didn’t had an official appointments for us. So, our plan was to have some free hours in Paris. But, during that night our bus was burnt down. Until now, we don’t know, if it was a technical defect or if someone played with fire.  Although, most of us started to the city of Paris by taking the train, instead of the bus and had some nice, but wet, hours. I’ll do a separate post on Paris.

At night we were on the festival again. Enjoying a quit good cover band live on stage. A cover band is a music band playing popular songs from the charts instead of their own songs. Unfortunately it was still raining.

Our last day, the Sunday, began sunny but with fire alarm in our hotel. Fortunately it was a false alarm. Rumors said, two women had smoked in their room.  Now it was time for an official meeting with the city major in the city hall while the festival weekend went on.

We, instead had some free hours again. Time for visiting a french market. I’ll queue a separate post on this market, too.

Sunday afternoon, after the arriving of another bus, we were able to start home again. We arrived save, but late at night.

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Watching the parade

600_3077Last week, I introduced you to the idea of a parade on the occasion of a fun fair. In my region it is usual, to hold a parade on Sunday afternoon. Many people collecting ideas, build wagons, tailor dresses for or volunteer for being part of the parade. The parade is usually supported by several marching bands and fire service bands. As usually, the night watchman led the parade this year, too.

There were 63 motives (groups, wagons, one person displays, bands) this year on the 4.5 km track around the inner city. The parade lasts about 2 hours, but I don’t know, how long the participants needed for the course. Fortunately, it wasn’t that hot and it wasn’t raining. So, there were many people in the streets watching and supporting the actors. It was warm enough, but not hot.

This time, the slide show is quite large. There are 63 photos in this slide show, so be prepared. It was hard, to decide, which motive was too bad, to be put in this selection. I skipped most of the marching bands and other “music only” displays and I even skipped some of the motives to keep it short.

For quite bigger photos, I recommend clicking on the photo above and use the clickable arrows below the photo for you further navigation.

Have fun!

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More on Hershey railroads

600_4857-e_wHershey not only has a railway station. The plantations and the factories needed an easy way to bring all the products to the harbor to ship them to the USA, and thus the Hershey company also has had a railroad. On the former factory site, also was an engine shed and halls for repairing locomotives and waggons.  Here you can find some old wrecks, ugly in the landscape, but nice subjects to photograph. See, how nature strikes back and conquers the land, while animals build their homes in them.

Have fun!

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Another fun fair

600_3438_wAs I told you in two of my last posts, I want to show you some more photos taken at a fun fair. Every year, there is a fun fair here, where I live. It’s always at the first weekend of September, starting on Friday early afternoon and lasting ’till Tuesday night.

As I mentioned before, I like the smell and the colorful lights, especially at night. So, I was this time also at night at the fun fair. Here you can find some impressions.

As you can see, It’s much smaller than Crange. And it’s located in the streets and a big parking ground of the inner city, instead of a big place.

I’ll write another post regarding the parade held on Sunday afternoon.

Have fun!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

dsc_4330-s_wThis weeks assignment at “The weekly Photo Challenge” is “an unusual point of view”.

I picked a photo taken last year at WIM.

It’s a very unusual POV or have you ever been inside a hot air balloon? Look, how small all these people are. And, the balloon isn’t filled completely as you can see on the ground.

Have fun!

Maybe you’re also interested in my other series. Currently I run a series on Cuba on Thursdays as well as changing topics on Tuesdays.


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Discovering Hershey

600_4844-e_wAs I mentioned in my last post, Hershey was founded to give a home to the workers working at the plantations and in the factories, producing chocolate and sugar from the plants.  Even the village exists and it seems still inhabited, it was extremely quiet. It seemed to me like visiting a ghost town. No sound but the soft wind. No dirt, but clean streets. Many houses with open front doors, but no-one sitting in the rocking chair at the porch. A really huge kindergarten or preschool playground with swings, carousels, garden beds, but no kids. Very strange! I only saw an elderly woman  at the church.

In the background of the above photo you can see the smoke pipes of the old factories.

But have you own look:

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Balloons at night


600_2516-s_wBalloons at night are very cool. I love it. I love the ambience.

This is my final post on this little series on the balloon festival at Kevelarer.

There was one additional  festival on my schedule, the WIM 2014! the Warstein International Montgolfiade. But, unfortunately it had to be canceled because of a dangerous, unclear Legionella epidemic in Warstein.

Best of luck for the ill.

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