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I’m back from France … again

600_3544I was in France last weekend for attending the Fête Patronale (Saint’s day?) in our partner town, near Paris. Here, in my region this kind of religious celebration is unknown, at least for me, even I found at Wikipedia, that is also held in Germany in the major catholic cities.

I was part of the delegation to visit them and we started at Friday morning with a bus and arrived in the early afternoon.

We were welcomed with a drink and in the evening we went for a barbecue with sucklings, fresh veggies and wine (we are in France!).

It was a nice evening, even it started raining slightly. What a pity.

Beside the official speeches and a horn blowers choir, they played music from the wonderful Nolwenn Leroy, a female singer from Brittany. You can find a few of her songs at youtube.  It was a nice evening.

Our Saturday didn’t had an official appointments for us. So, our plan was to have some free hours in Paris. But, during that night our bus was burnt down. Until now, we don’t know, if it was a technical defect or if someone played with fire.  Although, most of us started to the city of Paris by taking the train, instead of the bus and had some nice, but wet, hours. I’ll do a separate post on Paris.

At night we were on the festival again. Enjoying a quit good cover band live on stage. A cover band is a music band playing popular songs from the charts instead of their own songs. Unfortunately it was still raining.

Our last day, the Sunday, began sunny but with fire alarm in our hotel. Fortunately it was a false alarm. Rumors said, two women had smoked in their room.  Now it was time for an official meeting with the city major in the city hall while the festival weekend went on.

We, instead had some free hours again. Time for visiting a french market. I’ll queue a separate post on this market, too.

Sunday afternoon, after the arriving of another bus, we were able to start home again. We arrived save, but late at night.